A note from the Head and Deputy

A Word From The Headteacher


Welcome to our school.

I have been the Headteacher for over 10 years now, but it seems only yesterday that I took up the post.  I am passionate about our school and supporting the children, so they can enjoy their time with us and achieve their full potential.  Our motto………’try your best because your best is good enough’, runs through everything that we do.

About me………I have been teaching for a very long time! I have taught in 7 schools, two of which were aboard in Geneva and Singapore, so I certainly have experienced very different places.  I have a lovely daughter who is all grown up now and has given me my two adorable grandsons.  My house is like a menagerie with my two dogs and two cats. 

I am so proud to have been part of the development of Crow Orchard School.  I love my job and have amazing pupils, staff, parents and Governors who all work together to get the job done.


A Word From The Deputy

Hello and Welcome to Crow Orchard School



My name is Mrs Heath and quite a lot of parents and children already know me!  I have been a teacher at Crow Orchard for 24 years and now have the privilege of being the Deputy Head.  I love working here and can't wait to get stuck in to my new role.  I'm sure I will see lots of parents in passing and I am always available if you need anything.  I am also the teacher in Year 3 so will be meeting lots of children particularly in the juniors.

I love being part of Crow Orchard and can't wait to help make it better and better!!