Sports Premium

The government has provided each school in the country with sports funding so that the provision for sport is improved at school level enabling all children to receive high quality PE lessons and school sport.  For the current academic year, Crow Orchard have been allocated with approximately £8645.

We aim to spend the money in the following ways:

Use of SHARES sports coaches for CPD and membership to events and competitions through membership of the SHARES Sports Association - £5300

After School Sports Clubs - £750

Enrichment trips - £800

Additional Swimming Sessions - £900

Purchase of equipment to support school sport/playtimes/lunchtimes - £1700

We aim to:

We provide our pupils with opportunities for intra school competitions and  League competitions

Sports Premium Funding 

Continue to improve the quality of learning in PE through the use of high quality coaches who develop teachers PE skills.

Continue to use assessment systems in PE to help target underachievement and the needs of key groups through targeted clubs

Have more pupils being involved in sport and therefore improve their health and fitness

Continue to ensure all groups of pupils can access high quality sport and competition

Impact to Date:

League fixtures have been targeted and attended

A number of sporting competitions have been attended

A range of lunch time and after school sporting clubs are in place

Equipment purchased

Sports Co-ordinator ensuring events are attended

The Girls Swimming team came second in the gala

Our handball Team came 2nd in their competition

Higher level of Participation in  after school sporting clubs

How will we make sure that the improvements are sustainable?

PE and school sport is continually monitored by our PE Subject Leader and information is fed back to our Senior Leadership Team.  Tracking systems are in place to identify pupils working within, above or below age related expectations, the results of which will help us to continue to identify areas to improve so that we sustain achievement in PE and sport. 

Through our commitment to drive up participation numbers, the school will ensure that there are effective staff available to lead clubs both at lunchtime and after school so that every child has the opportunity to participate in school sport.  We are committed to competition through School Games events and through the SHARES Sports Association.  The school works alongside fully qualified coaches to provide CPD for staff.