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Year 5 Blog

DT - Toys with a cam mechanism Spring 2 2017

Our DT work on mechanisms has been really interesting and great fun.  The children have shown super understanding and have adapted what they have learned when inventing their own toys with a cam mechanism.


Internet Safety Day Spring 1 2017

We were so proud of the superb attitude the children showed during our internet safety work.  We had some really worthwhile discussions about being very careful about what we share online, we acted out a play script and created some excellent posters.

Inventors and Inventions Spring 1 2017

Class 5 have really enjoyed our topic researching inventors and inventions.  The writing produced has been fantastic, including a narrative piece, Girl and Robot and a magazine page on the topic


Remember our challenge for all our budding inventors to produce your own invention at home ready to present to the class when we return after half term.



Christmas Production  December 2016

 We were so proud of Class 5, who took the main acting roles in our Christmas production ‘Lights, Camel, Action’.  Every child put in 100% and the singing, dancing and acting was incredible.  Andrew Lloyd Webber, look out!  Class 5 will give your West End productions a run for their money!


Computing  December 2016

 In computing, we have been learning about the difference between the World Wide Web and the internet. Children enjoyed making food miles posters in Pic Collage. Visit our gallery to see examples of our posters.


Persuasive Writing November 2016

As part of our Literacy work, we studied persuasive language.  We looked at the different tools advertisers use to persuade people to use their product or visit their attraction. 

We then designed our own theme park and created posters to persuade people to visit them.  You will find examples in our gallery.


Art  October 2016

In art, we studied Gustav Klimt’s ‘Farm Garden with Sunflowers’ (1913) .  We used a range of media, including oil pastels and collage to create our own versions of this masterpiece.  You will find examples in our gallery.