Mr Spence
Teacher: Mr Spence

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello and welcome to year six. My name is Mr Spence and I have been teaching at Crow Orchard for ten years. Two in year four and my eighth year in year six.

In Year Six, we have to do lots of hard work to prepare for the SATs, but the children really enjoy doing the tests and seeing how much they have achieved. Aside from reading, writing and maths we also manage to squeeze in other subjects.

By this stage the children in year six are often ready to move up to high school. I help them with the transition of becoming young adults and responsible for their own learning.

If you have any questions feel free to pop in or give me a call to arrange an appointment.

Please have a look at this video link.  It will give you more information about the SAT's Tests.


The following are the latest letters about what will be happening this term...


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and your child to their final year at Crow Orchard. It promises to be an eventful year and it’s important that we set off as we mean to continue. It’s a year where the children will be working towards their SATs tests, due on the week beginning 10th of May. It’s important the children try their best and every opportunity will be provided to them to make tremendous progress. It’s also a year where the children will become more responsible for their own learning; identifying their strengths and weaknesses and continually pushing themselves to achieve. Furthermore, the children will be preparing for the transition to high school. They will have more responsibilities around the school but with that come higher expectations, both behaviourally and socially.

Although this year certainly is and has been unique, I will try to avoid letting common phrases such as ‘new-norm’, ‘unprecedented’ and ‘strange times’ into the mind-set of the class. I want their final year to be as normal as possible and for them to enjoy their final months at Crow Orchard; whilst keeping their safety at paramount importance.


This year the children will have PE on Mondays and Thursdays. As usual I expect the children to have their correct kits in school on these days. Swimming is due to start mid-October and I will update you when that date nears.


As the year progresses, the children will be provided with work to do at home. This will involve reinforcing of concepts learnt in class and revision for the SATs. I will make sure the children are kept busy but if you, and your child, feel you have time to spare then I will gladly provide more work to complete. Furthermore, if there are any concepts that you are unsure of please feel free to email me to clear up any misconceptions.

For numeracy, the children will receive past SATs questions on all the areas they need to cover. You can offer support to your children for these but any questions the children struggle with will be addressed the following week. If you help your child solve the problem, it can mean an area of weakness goes unnoticed. So please can you make sure that if you do provide help please jot down an ‘S’ for support next to that question. We will review homework on Fridays so please ensure all homework is returned by Tuesday. Some of these questions are designed to be challenging for the children but I don’t want it to become a source of anxiety. All children, and adults, will get support as long as they try their best.

For reading, the children will be completing various tasks this term. These include delivering a ten-minute presentation to the rest of the class on a book of their choosing. More details will follow, but the children need to make sure they are currently reading. Ideally a variety of texts but a fictional story is the most suitable and beneficial. We will also be reading every day in class so your child needs to make sure they have a suitable book in school at all times. We have an extensive library in year six which the children have already been able to take advantage of.

We will also send home handwriting practice with the list of spellings that the children need to learn.

To ensure the transition of homework will remain Covid safe, we will make sure that the paper will be printed and ready to go home 72 hours before Friday, therefore risk free. Plus when the homework is returned on Tuesday we will wait until Friday before we review it, again for the same reason. 

This year promises to be a rewarding and eventful one. I promise to support your child, and yourselves, throughout every step so they can realise their potential.

Many Thanks

Mr Spence