Mr Spence
Teacher: Mr Spence

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello and welcome to year six. My name is Mr Spence and I have been teaching at Crow Orchard for eight years. Two in year four and my sixth year in year six.

In Year Six, we have to do lots of hard work to prepare for the SATs, but the children really enjoy doing the tests and seeing how much they have achieved. Aside from reading, writing and maths we also manage to squeeze in other subjects.

By this stage the children in year six are often ready to move up to high school. I help them with the transition of becoming young adults and responsible for their own learning.

If you have any questions feel free to pop in or give me a call to arrange an appointment.

Please have a look at this video link.  It will give you more information about the SAT's Tests.


The following are the latest letters about the trips and sleepovers which will be happening this term...

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we enter the last stretch of Crow Orchard, we should see the children catch up on all the creative topics and fun activities which have been put to one side over the last term.

As a part of this, the children will be looking at the history of the seaside town and they will be heading off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This trip will take place on

 Tuesday the 25th of June.

As we don’t want to cut short this trip to head back to school for hometime, we will be leaving Blackpool at 16:00 arriving back at approximately 16:45. If this proves to be an issue please contact me so we can see if a plan can be made. The children will set off to Blackpool shortly after 9:00 so normal arrival time, in the morning, still applies.

I ask for £15 per child for them to go on this trip. If you can get the money to me as soon as possible I would be grateful but I fully understand if some of you may wish to wait till your next pay day or you can also pay by instalments if you wish.

On the day the children can wear their own clothes but they need to be suitable for a day on their feet. Trousers, tracksuit bottoms, jeans or shorts are all suitable. No skirts, flip-flops, high heels (boys)please. It has been arranged for the children to have personalised hoodies to wear on the day so no jumpers or coats required.  Plus they need to bring a packed lunch; preferably all disposable. Children on free school meals can have a packed lunch prepared for them; please let me know if you will require one ASAP.

I will also allow them to take £10 spending money, to waste on candy floss, knocking cans over or rollercoaster photos.

In summary:

Date: Tuesday 25th June

Time: 9:00 - 16:45

Cost: £15 (plus £10 optional spending money)

Bring Packed Lunch


Any questions please feel free to see me and ask.


Mr Spence


Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday the 21st June, the children will be invited to do something no child at Crow Orchard has done before...stay over night.

The children will be invited to sleep over at school and will be provided with snacks and drinks to keep them going through the night. On the day, the children will go home at home time -as normal- and hopefully eat some tea. They will then return to school at 18:00. They can bring with them sleeping bags, snacks and treats (although food will be provided), blow up airbeds (which they will have to inflate themselves), night wear, toothbrush (if they want to be sensible), teddy bears, ear plugs and face masks. They will then play games, watch films and eat food until a late hour where they will hopefully go to sleep. In the morning, they will be provided with some breakfast and will need collecting at 8:00.

Although being without a child for the night may give you some much needed freedom, I ask that you provide me with a contact number which I will be able to reach you on at anytime during the night. I also ask that you be in a place where you will be able to collect your child at anypoint during the night in case of any accidents or emergencies. 

Although phones will not be allowed, I will give them permission to bring in a phone which I will be looking after. This will give the children an opportunity to send you a text before bedtime to say goodnight. The only time the children will be allowed to use their phone will be to send this text and they will be returned to me once the msg has been sent.

I will also be contactable at anypoint during the night. Just ring the school phone at anytime if there is an emergency and you need to speak to or collect your child.

The reason we are doing this? To raise money. Year six children get a lot of treats as we approach the end of the year and unfortunately the school can’t provide the funds for it all. The money raised by this event will go towards the trip to the cinema, the personalized hoodies and if we have anything left over a car construction kit. The children will also be raising money themselves through enterprises but this will be detailed in a separate letter. I am going to ask for fifteen pounds for the children to sleepover at the school.

On a separate note, next term the children will be going for the annual trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I will provide the details to you nearer the time, however for this trip I always ask for fifteen pounds per child. If you would prefer, you can pay the full thirty pounds for both events rather than me asking twice for two amounts.

To make it easier I can accept any money in instalments and spread out over the next term. The children will directly benefit from this money and the children will raise the rest of the money in their enterprise ideas.

If you have any questions please drop me an email at or you can msg me on seesaw. And of course you can come and see me in person. I will send out another letter after half term with a permission slip for the please beach trip and sleepover.

Many Thanks

Mr Spence