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Book Presentations

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As part of the homework for this year, all the children will need to complete the following task. This is a reading based task and will have a positive impact on the children’s learning if completed effectively.

The children have been time tabled (see attached) to deliver a presentation on a book they have read or are reading. It needs to last ten minutes long and can be supported by pictures, videos (no longer than 1 minute) and slides using ICT. Within the presentation you must have enough content to fill ten minutes and be able to answer questions at the end. I would highly recommend that the children talk about a book which is recent in the memory and is suitable to their age and ability. No cartoons/magazines. If you are unsure about your book choice, ask me.

Things to consider including in the presentation:

  • Who is the book by, have you read any other books by them and what do you like about the author.
  • What is the genre of the book, what do you like/not like about this genre?
  • Describe the main character (protagonist) from the book, or side characters.
  • Compare characters, personalities: good v evil; man v woman; brave v cowardly.
  • What questions would you like to ask the author?
  • Map out the characters journey through the book. Story Mountain: intro, problem, solve problem, outcome, new situation.
  • Act out as one of the characters to answer questions in character.
  • Mention sections of the story which you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy and why.
  • Discuss the writing style of the author. Do you like it?
  • How did the story end? Did you or can you predict it? What alternate endings could the story have?
  • Write down any new things you have learnt from the story.
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend and why. Which book do you think you may read next?

The previous year’s presentations have included hand-outs; quizzes; models inspired by the books and science experiments. The children have an opportunity to be creative and display their talents. At the very least they need to be able to talk about a book in detail. If the task isn’t completed satisfactorily they will be scheduled to repeat the presentation and also be asked to complete a written review.

This task goes a long way towards the children’s development and also their confidence in delivering presentations to small audiences. All of which are included in the new curriculum. 

Happy Reading

Mr Spence