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What our trainees think about Crow Orchard

We have been lucky enough to train some fantastic teachers at Crow Orchard and they always have wonderful things to say about their time here;

"I have been on my placement at Crow Orchard for the past 4 months and I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity working in this school has given me. I have been fully immersed in school life, attending sports competitions, being involved with festive activities and events, and I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to get to know every single member of the school along the way. I’ve been welcomed in by the staff and treated like a professional every step of the way. Every single teacher at Crow Orchard has had some level of involvement in my teaching journey and I will be forever indebted to everyone, and especially both Mrs Maher and Miss Baron, my class mentor, for trusting me with your wonderful year 4 class, who I’ve watched grow and develop as this academic year has gone on. It’s really made me feel so proud to say I’ve played a small part in that. Working with Orleans class since September has allowed me create bonds and relationships with my mentor, support staff and the children themselves, which has made the transition to teaching my own lessons for the first time a much less daunting task. Ever since my initial visit to school back in July, I knew this was going to be an ideal first placement for me and it’s more than lived up to that. I’ve really felt at home here, I hope you all continue to flourish and achieve everything this wonderful school deserves. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you." 

Mr Ashton 



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